Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow dogs!

Hey!  Guess what kind of dog LOVES the snow???

My camera phone and my camera phone picture taking abilities are somewhat lacking...but he has a ball in his mouth.

Simba bucking like a mule in his special Playin'-ball-in-the-snow dance.

Finally remembers that he must retrieve the ball and bring it back if he's to have another go of chasing it down again.

Daughter takes better pictures with her phone

Yes, you guessed it.  Golden Retrievers LOVE the snow.  Golden Retrievers think that:

Snow + Tennis ball = Happiest fun time ever in the world!

He would play ball or stick or just prance around in the snow all the live-long day.  He ran in the snow. He played ball in the snow. He rolled in the snow.  He had a frosty-face from sticking his nose down in the snow and snuffling around.

Do you know what kind of dog HATES the snow?

I had to bodily carry her off of the deck.

She is hatin' everything right now...she ran off twice before I could snap a picture and I had go get her and carry her back where I was trying to get a picture.

Pweeze stop torturing me with this evil cold white stuff and let me go inside where things make sense.

Little chiweenie dogs, that's who hates snow.  Libby detests it.  We have to frog march her little butt outside and MAKE her soon as she is done, she's nothing but a black blur moving across the snow as she bullets back to the deck and the back door.
Her predominant chihauhau breeding is not conducive to cold living.  If we got snow more than once every three years, I'd probably have to buy her some snow booties and a jacket.
Hope you are all home and warm and safe!
I know it's been a harrowing couple of days for some.

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