Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Outside the Box

I don't how to go about marketing this...but it is apparent to me that I have something potentially lucrative on my hands.

I'm not even sure where it came from (besides the vehicle for delivering something via "Priority Mail") but apparently, I have in my possession, the grandest box in all of Christendom.

Behold my panel of experts:

Daisy Faye in the box

Izby in the box

Kendall (with her jacked-up ear following her ba-jillion dollar auricular hematoma surgery) in the box.

And finally:

Maxx, who gives the best representation of the awesomeness of this box.
Maxx is an eighteen pound Maine Coone who has successfully (and a little spitefully) stuffed all of his bigness into the awesome, fantastical, magical box.

Ownership of the box is an ever changing and very contentious topic in our household.  But all involved are agreed.  The box is a thing of wonder and delight.

Surely it is worth some money. Right?