Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tiny bubbles

There are but a few certainties in life.  Taxes will rise.  All civilizations, no matter how great, will eventually fall.
And if I am travelling, there are two things you can be certain of...One: I will forget to pack something (this time? saline solution and toe nail clippers) and Two: something bad will happen at home.
I don't know why in the world I forgot those damn toe nail clippers.  This isn't the first time....I swear, I have bought so many toe nail clippers on the road...for some reason especially when I travel to Maryland.  Then I have some rougue nail go terribly, terribly awry and I end up stopping at some Pak A Sak and buying another pair for $6.99 before the monkey talon on my foot (which was a perfectly manicured nail 24 hours ago) punches a hole in my sock.  I will throw it in my luggage and when I get home, I'll unpack and toss it into my makeup drawer to rattle around with the other eleventy-five toe nail clippers I've thrown in there.
Yes, I could just leave it in my luggage but I won't.  I'll think, "Well, next time I might just be taking the smaller suitcase" and I'll unpack it.
I've been gone two whole days and nothing had gone wrong at home.  Jeff and daughter seemed to be getting along just fine.  There were no hysterical teenage angsty calls about errant boyfriends acting like jerks.  The cats had not set themselves on fire. The dogs had not staged a coup to take over the back porch...even if it meant ripping out the cat door or breaking in a window.

Then today, after having dinner with a local friend, I get back to my hotel room and call Jeff to see what they were up to...
He answered the phone, "I'll have to call you right back."
Not. A. Good. Sign.

Then he sends me a picture of this:

And this:

Apparently, there was some kind of build-up crud in the dishwasher, and daughter thought she should put some of the liquid dish detergent (that you use when washing dishes in the sink) in along with a gel pack to get rid of it.
Then she went and took a nap.
Jeff came downstairs to feed the dogs and found things as you see them above.
Guess what you probably didn't know?  Stealing towels while your humans are trying to staunch the bubble flow from going under the refrigerator and running around the house while they try to take then out of your mouth is the bestest happy fun time EVER!!! (If you are a golden retriever).
By and by the towels were retrieved from the retriever, the bubbles mopped up and order was restored.  Everyone was actually in a pretty good humor about everything...for which I was greatly relieved (Jeff's statement "Glad she did it here to me instead of at college to her roommates.")
All's well that ends well...
Except I forgot to stop and buy those God-forsaken toenail clippers! Argh!

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