Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It was seven degrees this morning when I left the house. Seven. Degrees. As in Farenheit.
I live in Alabama...and single digit temperatures are INSANE.  If I have to live with 2 months of 95 degree heat and 112% humidity, I should never have to tolerate single digit cold.
By the way...every snarky, mean remark I ever made about my daughter's UGG boots?  I take them back.  I know they aren't very attractive...but when it is seven degrees outside, they are like a gift from heaven, lined with the perfect material designed by God's angels to keep your feet warm outside, and yet don't get all sweaty and gross when you're indoors.

I know Jeff is unlikely to tackle me when I come through the door and drag me upstairs because of all of the sexy hotness I radiate when wearing UGGS, but considering I also don't have to worry about losing toes to frostbite, I'm good.

Speaking of sexy hotness...you know what's not helping the UGGS?  The fact that the leggings I'm wearing that looked like this in the light when I put them on:

Look like this in my office:

Yep...Imma wearing blue leggings with a houndstooth sweater, black skirt and UGG boots.  Basically, I'm dressed like a bag lady.  A warm bag lady, but still.

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