Friday, December 27, 2013

Post-Christmas funk.

Am no longer amused with the chest cold/bronchitis/lung funk I have been rocking since the week before Christmas.
I went to the God-forsaken doc-in-the-box to get it checked out and taken care of prior to the holidays just so I would be OVER it in time.
When I went, it was jam-packed in the waiting room with what appeared to be half of the population of the county.  It must have been a relief to all of the holiday shoppers that were dreading the crowds...since they were all apparently hacking and coughing and puking and sneezing all over me, the store crowds must have been quite reasonable.  On the upside, I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in about 4 years and an old high school classmate who's kid is graduating this year with my daughter.  So even though our collective germs were probably breeding and mutating into some sort of epic medicine-resistant super-flu, the time passed fairly quickly.
I went through the standard blood draw, chest to see the doctor who declared it viral bronchitis...gave me a shot of steroids a prescription for cough medicine, an inhaler and a decongestant & told me to drink plenty of liquids and rest. (All that? Was $107 out of only pays 65%)

Here we are 10 days later.
Yes, I'm aware that I look like hell on a rampage.  My skin is pasty where it isn't flushed, my lips are cracked from mouth-breathing all night long, my eyes are blood-shot from lack of sleep and my poor widdle nose is raw.  Even my hair looks sick.
Something about the combo of the codeine in the cough syrup, the albuterol in the inhaler and the pseudoephedrine in the decongestant (the stuff you make meth from) (I'm TOLD) has me constantly wired and tired.  Jeff kicked me out of bed last night about 2:30 because I kept sitting up to cough and then falling back asleep still sitting but slumped over with all of the covers.  I flipped and flopped and (apparently) drooled and snotted all over the couch. I think I finally passed out about 30 minutes before I was supposed to get up and go to work.  Which did NOT happen.
Instead, I used a precious, precious Leave day to stay home with my mucus.  NOT the purpose I intended to put those comp hours toward. Sigh.
And none of this is really helping the after-Christmas blahs that inevitably set in right about now.  My house is basically a wreck, the tree (what's left of it) needs to come down and gifts need to be put away...yet I sit on the couch...a wheezy, snotty slug.
Any suggestions out there? I'll take advice for the blahs and the crud.

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