Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas in Dixie?

Running some errands yesterday, I was cutting through the Walmart parking lot, and there was this:

I stopped because the big poster board sign on the front of the truck screaming "WOLF PUPPIES" had me intrigured...Talking to the guy, he was actually billing them as Husky/Wolf pups (you can see one of the puppies in the back of the hay-lined truck bed.)  The bigger adult dog was the sire and supposedly the source of the wolf-lineage.  (It was not a wolf).  The smaller adult was the dam who was supposedly a full-blooded (but unregistered 'cause his cousin "didn't have the money to register her when he got her but she was shore 'nough full breed, you can tell 'cause her eyes is blue").
He was selling them for $1000 a piece.  Out of a truck. In the Walmart parking lot.
And people were BUYING THEM.

The two lovelies in the picture were trying to dicker with Jethro so that little bat-dude could have his very own "wolf" for Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Alabama.

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