Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bowing to the inevitable

A quick word about belly-button rings.

I. Hate. Them. (a quick three words, then)

In my last post, I talked about allowing my daughter to get her belly button pierced.  I think I may have failed to convey in that post how very, very much I dislike belly button piercings.  I'm not anti-piercing across the board.  I myself have two piercings each in my earlobes and one in each helix (upper ear cartiladge). I have seen very nice, discreet side nose piercings (I will never be on board with those bull-to-the-market looking nose piercings).  I don't REALLY mind eyebrow piercings if the person fits it. Not a huge fan of the tongue piercings but that's mostly because most folks speak like they've got a mouth full of marbles when they have a tongue ring.

But I have never, ever liked belly button piercings.  Honestly, I think it looks like a fishing excursion with PawPaw has gone tragically wrong.  A quick Google image search of bellybutton rings and I found this:
It was on a site called and was NOT a joke.  How can you look at that and tell me that it DOESN'T look like you've gotten snared by a fishing lure?

I fought the good fight regarding the bellybutton ring.  She started asking for one when she was 14.  The majority of her friends had one by the age of 16.  She's 17 & 11/12ths...I wasn't going to be able to prevent it for very much longer anyway.  As a Mom, you pick your battles.  And the kiddo could have just waited the extra few weeks out, but asked me if I would please consent to her doing felt...almost ritualistic.  Probably silly...but I sort of felt like giving her permission to indulge in some goofiness right before she didn't need permission anymore was a good thing for both of us.

P.S. Want a good laugh?  Google image bellybutton rings.  There are all flavors of RIDICULOUS out there.

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