Friday, December 6, 2013


Dear world. Thank you for finally having a fashion trend that I can work with.  This skirt, legging, boot thing?  Is FABULOUS!  And not just for me…I think it is a look that FOR REAL can look good on anyone.  Skinny minis look good in it.  Tall chicks look great (there are few fashion trends that DON’T favor the tall). Short girls can modify it to look taller.  Even, er, Rubenesque women like yours truly can rock this look.  And it’s comfortable.  It can be worn in the deadest of winter with thick, thick leggings and a sweater or it can work in milder weather with light weight tights, a tunic and ankle length boots.
Now here comes my complaint.  The only skirts I am finding in my size are black.  Black, black, black.  I bought two black skirts…one wool and one with some kind of stretch to it.  And they are great, don’t get me wrong.  If I wanted more black skirts in my size, I could have any number of them.  I have found them at Walmart for as low as $9. I found three different cuts of black skirt at Dillards.  Target had your basic black pencil skirt.  And that’s lovely, really.  I have a trendy pair of black boots and a number of tops that look good with the whole ensemble.
But then the other day, I bought a pair of brown boots.  My daughter found them on  She got herself a gray pair, I got the brown…because if you bought two pairs, the shipping was free.  And they ACTUALLY had a brown pair of boots with a wider calf.  They arrived just 3 days after we ordered them (am now a HUGE fan) and the boots actually fit like they were made for me.

Only I can’t find a brown skirt.  Anywhere.  That’s when the abundance of plus-sized black skirts became apparent to me.  You can’t sling a dead cat in this town without hitting a store selling black skirts.  But not brown.  Never, ever brown.  If a store is feeling particularly diverse in its offerings to the curvaceous, you MIGHT score a gray skirt.  In my pursuit of a brown skirt I even ran across this houndstooth number that I snagged immediately (I live in Alabama, people WALLPAPER in houndstooth down here).

 But still no brown skirt.  What’s the dealio?  I’ve seen brown skirts in other sizes.  Many brown skirts.  Why don’t they want fat chicks to have brown skirts?  Why? I have some perfectly adorable brown boots languishing away in my closet.  I need a freaking brown skirt.


  1. Dress Barn, my friend! They have 3 brown skirts online, and usually have more in the store. They are the only place I have been able to find them. Love the new boots!

  2. I'm not seeing the brown skirts online...unless you're talking those ankle-length...and just NO. Not at all what I'm talking about. And I need big girl sizes, not "misses"

  3. 1. I think houndstooth wallpaper sounds kind of delightful. A sign that I should I move to Alabama?
    2. Seriously, black skirts everywhere, nary a color to be found. I let go of a lovely brown A-line skirt last year as it was never going to fit again and it couldn't be let out. No big deal, I thought at the time, I'll find another one this winter to go with my boots, which are also brown. HA! No. No brown, no navy, at least not in my size. I don't get it.

    1. Kate: I found a royal blue and a navy blue/white stripe at Old Navy.
      I ordered a 1X brown skirt from Amazon that was a freaking joke. I couldn't get it up past my knees. That sucker went back pronto.
      So...still on the brown skirt search.