Friday, December 6, 2013

Blinded me with science

I have a new theory regarding some of the basics of quantum physics.

Basically an addendum to the Schrodinger's cat experiment.

It is thus:
Cats hate science.  If you want to get any experimenting done at all, you're better off locking them in a box.
I'm almost certain that Schrodinger came up with HIS theory out of sheer frustration of trying to get anything done with a cat around.

Below is photographic evidence to support my theory:

Daughter had to make a car that ran off of the energy of a mouse-trap spring:

Maxx:  What the....Hey!  Is someone trying to do science in the foyer???

Maxx: I will eviscerate the demon-science machine! Nom, nom, nom!

Science was momentarily halted while Maxx was chased off and the string repaired.

Then this happened:

Daisy: Whoa, now!  What's this? Science?  In my house?  I think not!

Daisy: Science is no match for my feline incisors!

Daisy: Hold up now!  What do you think you're doing?

Daisy: The fact that I stepped to the side in no way indicates that I will put up with this "experiment" nonsense.

Daisy: I am stalking Science so well, I am nothing but a blur.

Daisy: Wa-pow! I attack you, Science-machine! Take that!

Maxx:  I think we won, Daisy.  Do you smell any Science over there?
Daisy:  All clear here!

Maxx: Heeeeyyyy....what's Mom doing with a box, a small amount of radioactive isotope and that Geiger counter?
Let's go check it out!


  1. You are the perfect mix of way smarter than me and totally hilarious :D

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, with Joy)

    1. Thank you, doubting the smarter thing though...I mean, basically, my cats are running my household. :)