Monday, August 4, 2014

What if?

(Me and the monkey in 4K. It was only 3 or 4 weeks ago, I swear.)
Daughter is leaving for the University of Alabama in 3 days.  Welcome to my head:

What if she gets sick?

What if she gets lonely?

What if she gets overwhelmed with all of the school work?

What if she gets into those huge lecture halls and feels insignificant?

What if she gets into a sorority and they are all Mean Girls?

What if she gets into a sorority and they all like her and encourage her to do too much and her grades suffer?

What if she doesn't keep an eye on her grades?

What if she doesn't keep an eye on her checking account balance?

What if she's crossing a parking lot late at night and somebody gets her?

What if her appendix bursts?

What if she fights with her room mates?

What if she breaks up with her boyfriend?

What if she doesn't break up with her boyfriend and he wants her to quit Alabama and move back?

What if she gets to feeling sad?

What if she doesn't miss me at all?

What if she doesn't eat right?

What if she doesn't change her contacts out regularly and gets a horrible eye funk infection?

What if she forgets to pick up her prescriptions?

What if she's crossing a parking lot in broad daylight and someone gets her?

What if she gets talked into going to the wrong party?

What if she falls for the wrong guy?

What if she falls for the RIGHT guy, but before she's finished school?

What if she never asks for my opinion again?

What if she hates her major?

What if she gets a crappy teacher?

What if she spends up all of her money the first two weeks she's there?

What if her car breaks down?

What if her car breaks down and she's nowhere near anything and then somebody gets her?

What if she's in a wreck?

What if she chips a tooth?

What if she never remembers to get her oil changed?

What if she finds something she'd rather do than come home for Christmas break?

What if there's a fire and she can't get out of her 3rd floor dorm?

What if she doesn't call or text me every day?

....and repeat


  1. Not gonna lie...I got a little teary reading this. I cry over everything these days.


    I was complaining about worrying about my son on a road trip with his girlfriend to tour a college about 3 hours from here. My friends at work said...he'll be fine..this is good for him...

    But...what if the car explodes into a fireball??

    They wouldn't answer....they didn't take me seriously

    1. Fireballs happen! All. The. Damn. Time! Why don't people take fireballs seriously?

    2. I don't know. I think the media is trying to distract us from the perils of fireballs with other news.

  2. Two of my girls are seniors in high school. Next year one will go to college and one will join the Navy. I don't know which one to worry about most.

    1. Sweet Lord, you say "two of your girls" in more than two? Hat tip to you, lady. Could not have lived through more than one trip through the early teen years.