Thursday, August 28, 2014

Unsolved mysteries

How? Does? This? Happen?
Today, I made a crockpot meal that I have been planning all week.  I saw the recipe in some article about "20 meals for $150 at Costco" or something like that.  On Monday, put some frozen chicken in a ziplock bag and put it in the meat drawer to thaw.  Last night I realized that I had to do something with that chicken or throw it away.  I mentioned doing the crock pot thing to Jeff...who reminded me that he's been anxiously looking forward to 50 cent corn dog day at Sonic for two weeks. (I know, it's the little things in life)
Since I didn't want to waste the perfectly good ingredients I had already purchased for this endeavor, I loaded up all the ingredients and my crock pot and brought everything into work. I whipped it all up, set the crock pot to going and produced lunch for myself and my cohorts.  It was very well received even in an office diminished of personnel, what with the upcoming holiday and all.  After all was said and done,  I had about a serving left.  I scrounged through the cabinets to find something to put that single serving into so that I could clean up my crock pot to take it home.
In the office kitchen cabinets there was exactly:
ONE container
ONE container lid.
They were both square.  Here they are:

These two items do not fit each other.  At all. See the rounded corners of the lid?  See how the container has sort of ledge at each corner?
How, in the name of all things good and kind, did this happen?
I can only assume that these items ended up in the kitchen because someone brought left-overs from home and then didn't take their container home...but they didn't bring anything in with this combination.  So how did the one lid and the one container get here separately?

Also, APPARENTLY, some vagrant, raised by wolves (in a barn) made his way past the guard station at the gate of the government facility I work at, got down here to the site and broke into the office.  I say this because surely, SURELY none of the people I work with would have dumped their tea in the sink and left their nasy, bloated, squishy lemon wedges for some other poor soul to CLEAN UP AFTER THEM?

Act like you've got some raisin', people.

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