Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I thought the kiddo might be getting a little homesick by decided to send her a little something from home:

Because the thing is?  There is NOTHING in our house that doesn't have animal hair on it.  Jeff opened up his wallet the other know how cartoons would show moths flying out of a character's wallet to show how broke they were?  Well, Jeff opened his up and about half a dozen Simba hairs Foofed out.
Inspiration actually came because Rosie is shedding her undercoat right now in CLUMPS.  I thought it would be funny to send a sampling from all the beasts & tell the daughter that she could put some pet hair on her stuff if she was feeling lonely.  I already had an offering from Rosie...I just snuck behind each of the rest of them and was all "Pluck!"  The cats were like, "WTH? Insane human. Geez!" Simba was just his normal, happy Golden Retriever grinning self.  Libby (chiweenie) thought I was trying to skin her alive, because she's just like that.

I thought the whole idea was funny and original.

Kiddo called when she got it and was all, "Okay, that was seriously, disturbing as well as disgusting."

But she did take a picture and post it on Instagram.  I think deep down she was touched.