Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Very bad, no good week

This has not been one of my favorite weeks.  The hubs and I are adjusting to our new normal since the chickadee has left the nest.
(Interesting side note, I texted "What's up, chickadee?" to a friend the other day, and autocorrect changed it to "Wax your chickadee."  Like, what the crap, autocorrect?  Who waxes a chickadee?  Is that a euphamism that I don't understand because I'm old? Is chickadee waxing a thing?  PETA will not be pleased.)

Anyway, the week started with some heavy duty house work.  With the flurry of activity to get the kiddo packed and moved, we'd left a little to be desired on the home front. 

Nothing like finding evidence that certain appendages that have pranced around in a litter box have also been on surfaces that come in contact with your toaster strudel.

You know, I've read studies about how children raised in environments that are too sterile don't develop the immunities they need.  At least I can rest assured that when I sent my kid out into the was with PLENTY of built up immunities.

Then Robin Williams committed suicide.
Damn it!  That really sucked.

And then today, I was at work for 5 and a half hours before I even noticed:

Yes, I had my dress on backwards.

It's only Wednesday.


  1. Okay, I am definitely laughing WITH you

  2. time to lock the doors and stay inside. Thursday and Friday can only bring more chaos. I'm talking hot pizza burns on your mouth that leave those annoying stringy things.

    1. If only that were possible! Good news, now it's Saturday and we get a whole new week tomorrow!

  3. This is a great post... Thanks for the chuckle!

    1. Thank you for chuckling! Makes the embarrassment worth something.

    2. lol....having had a string of weeks like this, I can totally relate! Sometimes ya' just gotta laugh, shake your head (sometimes in disbelief) and hope that it's going to get better.

      I love your blog, by the way :)

  4. I’ve worn a shirt inside out all day before – but never a backwards dress. Don’t worry though – I’m sure you pulled it off spectacularly!