Sunday, July 27, 2014

Road trip

We just got back from a road trip.  My lovely, intelligent, beautiful kidlet was awarded a $3000 scholarship from an organization called the Southern Automotive Women's Forum.  They had their annual conference in Nashville, TN, where they presented her, and 26 other young women with scholarships ranging from $500 to $5000.
We had a great time, we were very grateful for the scholarship sponsor (Malace HR) and of course we were VERY proud of the kiddo.
So there we were...driving the 4 hours or so back home, basking in the success of our only offspring, when we decide to take a short break right at the Tennessee/Alabama line so that we could gas up and maybe pick up a lottery ticket.
You know the county line of a dry county, you will find it lined with liquor and beer stores so that folks living in the dry county can JUST cross the county line to purchase their devil's water?  
Oh.  You don't live in the Bible Belt and have no idea what a "dry" county is.  Well, a dry county is one where the sale and purchase of alcoholic beverages is still illegal.  Like it was in 1922.  Alabama still has over 20 dry counties.  No lie.
Apparently, compared to Alabama, Tennessee must just be a hot bed of hedonism.  Because right there at the border?  Not only do you have the sale of booze and lottery also have this:

All in one picture you have "Show Girls", the "Boobie Bungalow"
And a giant cannibalistic chicken with crazy eyes. (Notice the fork and knife).
I'm kinda wishing they sold postcards.


  1. Oh My...

    Kentucky has a lot of dry counties. All the counties where bourbon is made is dry. The county I went to high school in is dry. They have since allowed booze. At one time (not too long ago) 90% of KY was dry

    1. Did not know that. I usually have to travel to Richmond, KY a few times a year and it seems like you can't sling a dead cat without hitting a Liquor Barn or a Liquor Loft or a Liquor City (et al)...not that I'm complaining.

    2. too bad about no postcards....but your crazy chicken pic would be a good one.