Thursday, July 10, 2014

Itsy bitsy

I have a dilema.  For the past couple of nights, I have noticed this:

Doorbell ringer gives you the proper perspective

Close up gives you my perspective.\

Update: I had a two second video here of the spider wrapping this bug...but it was poorly lit and was over before you could really tell what you were looking at, so I removed it.  If I get a better clip, I'll stick it back in here.
I have mentioned before that I read outside on my front stoop.  I have encountered all sorts of wildlife out there, from possums to toads and all things in between.  Well, Charlotte, here, is positioned RIGHT ABOVE my normal squat.
When I sit down to read, she (he, it?) is directly over my head.
Now, while I appreciate the general debugging going on...I DO NOT appreciate spider bites. (One time, I was sitting outside reading in some very baggy shorts...I came in to go to the bathroom and felt something wriggling....I smacked it right as I felt it CHOMP my booty.  A big ole nasty curled up dead spider fell out and I had an enormous piece of my ass missing.  Okay, maybe a had a big red welt that took 3 days to go down, same difference).
I am kind of fascinated by the whole circle of life thing I'm getting to witness (about every 5 freaking minutes...Alabama sees a LOT of bug activity after dark this time of year).  And Charlotte is all like "Wa-pow!  How do you like your new silk suit, Mr. Annoying Beetle?  That'll teach you to buzz around and try to get in someone's wine glass!"
...But I keep glancing up about every 30 seconds to make sure this spider hasn't dropped down into my hair.

I'm trying to be one with nature and all that shit (and again...the spider's doing her job of catching all sorts of annoying bugs just as fast as she can) but I had to resist the urge many, many times last night to squash her with my flip flop.

You guys have any ideas about what I'm dealing with here? (if this thing is poisonous, I don't care how much I'm interrupting the food chain, that arachnid is toast)  Do I try to move her?  Do I move (I'm not really wanting to do that, I'm a little anal retentive about my spot on the front porch....I have to have my little area JUUUUST right).

I'd appreciate the input.


  1. No idea if it's poison or not. I'd just burn the house down.

  2. I'm with Michelle. Burn the house down. In fact, I'm thinking I might burn my own house down just on principle alone..... Shudders.