Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hare-y Situation

Meet Skippy and Thumper.  Or as I like to call them, Belzeebub and Gozar.  Don't they look sweet?  Don't they look cute?  Aren't their little twitchy noses the most adorable things you've ever in your life seen?  Doesn't their fur seem like it would be all soft and fluffy?
Yeah...the little demons lured me in with all of that crap too.

Last night, Daughter's bestie...who's like a second child to me, came to spend the night.  The school had already called to say that they were going to be closed the following day due to possible inclement weather.  So the girls were gonna get a jump on a Physics project.
Apparently, in the last couple of days, bestie's boyfriend got her a couple of rabbits.  And since Daughter is her bestie...she had to bring them over to oooh and aaaah over...even though I pointed out that the house was filled with no fewer than 8 carnivores.  I also reminded Daughter about how, a few weeks ago, Simba and Libby chased a wild rabbit across the yard and through the fence where Ker-flunk! it fell over dead from fright.  I'm guessing it was from stress...or it had a heart attack or something.
Despite my words of caution...the rabbits came for a visit.  We put the dogs outside...they seemed the biggest threat.
I was lured into the floor of the livingroom to interact with the little beasts...and then it happened.  I was almost assasinated.  Who would have thought that with the variety and number of animals I have lived with, that I would be horribly, horribly allergic to rabbits.
At first, I just sneezed a few times...then my eyes started itching and the back of my throat felt funny.  15 minutes later, I am clawing through the medicine cabinet after an antihistimine. Snot barely contained as the frequency of my sneezing became nearly constant.  I found a box Allegra-D and a box of two-year-old expired Benedryls.  I took the Allegra-D and went outside for some fresh air.  The symptoms kept getting worse and worse...I became convinced that I was about to be the first person ever to die of bunny poisoning....and finally took the expired Benedryl.  Fortunately, that did the trick and I was able to resume normal breathing.
I'm getting a sticker to slap onto the side of Belzeebub's and Gozar's carrying case:

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