Saturday, February 22, 2014


Jeff and I have been married almost 24 years.  We started dating 28 years ago.  We have had A LOT of Valentine's Days, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, etc. together. 
Sometimes, our lives are so hectic, or so frantic, or so strapped for cash that we've celebrated the occasion with a "Look, let's just go out to dinner or something."  Or a "I could not think of a thing to get you, so here's some of your cologne."
But SOMETIMES when things slow down, when inspiration hits, when the planets align; one of us can still surprise the other.
Jeff really knocked my socks off this year for Valentine's Day.  And Valentine's Day is not even a particularly favorite holiday of his.  In the first few years of our togetherness, he OFTEN got the day wrong.  He always insisted it was the second Tuesday of some Bizarro World Thanksgiving.
This year, however...well, he done good.
He started out with this:

First off, you simply can't go wrong with chocolate.  And the white roses were beautiful...AND, most importantly, they were without a lot of filler stuff.  I love an arranged bouquet as much as the next girl...but in my house, baby's breath equals many, many piles of cat puke to clean up later.
Here's some free relationship advice: Cleaning up cat vomit has never put anyone "in the mood." Ever. 
And finally, a lovely bottle of Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava.  When I unwrapped it I immediately said, "This is what we had on our honeymoon!"  And it was.  Except on our honeymoon, Jeff had bought a Magnum of it...we called it "champagne"...and we thought we were FANCY for buying the "good stuff."

 Look at us...Jeff is 21...I am 20.  Are we not the most adorable little things you have ever seen?  Are the matching Jams shirts too precious?
So anyway...I thought it very sweet that he had found us a bottle of the "fancy""champagne" we'd had down in Panama City Beach, FL some 23 1/2 years ago.  (It was 4 times as expensive as the Andre Cold Duck!) Then he got up and left the room...and came back in carrying this:

"Well, that's all we could afford then," he said, "But you deserve this." 
I know, right?
Young and na├»ve, I may have been at 20.  But not foolish...I picked a very good one.

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