Friday, November 22, 2013


On this day, one score and eight years ago, in the year of our Lord 1985, a particularly fine and strapping young man (and buddy do I mean FINE) decided that he needed to make a change in his routine.
As the celebration of his 17th birthday drew nigh, and the leaves began to change and the weather grew blustery and cold, he realized that his regular weekend activity of cruising through the parking lots of Moore's (the local hangout/arcade) and Taco Bell with his buddies was getting less and less fun as the temperature continued to drop.  Also, less and less people were doing it...instead, they were seeking indoor entertainment.  That was when he decided, "I need to find a girlfriend for the winter."

And so he did...with every intention of flying free again once the weather turned favorable for more of whatever antics young studly men get up to when improperly supervised.
The young lady, however, realized what a wonderful catch she had snagged and had other plans.
28 years we are.
I love you, honey.


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