Thursday, November 14, 2013

I've GOT this

A few of years ago on some random weekday night, I was sitting outside reading and Jeff was upstairs in his man cave playing video games when the kid from two houses down (a classmate of Mileena's) runs up to me.  He is in an utter panic.
“There’s water spraying all over our kitchen, and my dad’s not home and my mom doesn’t know what to do!!!  Please…can Mileena’s daddy come help????!!!!???” (Humphf…daddy, schmaddy…I’m the engineer in the house, he’s the computer geek.)
“No problem…I got it.” I got up, went inside and got my pipe wrench out of the tool drawer, the neighbor kid quick on my heels.
“But shouldn’t her dad….”

“No, kid, I got it.”
So we truck on over to the neighbor's house and I take a look at what’s going on…
There’s about an inch of water in the kitchen and what appears to be every towel, blanket and linen in the house forming a barricade around the perimeter…sort of a sea wall to keep the water from the carpeted areas.  The youngest child of the household (she’s about 5) is standing in a kitchen chair shrieking a single note at the top of her lungs.  Neighbor Mom is spooling out paper towels as fast as she can.  Their Chihuahua is doing donuts in the living room, on the furniture (couch to loveseat to recliner to recliner to couch to loveseat…barking at the top of its lungs.)

It was the perfect illustration of the word “pandemonium.”

In the kitchen, the cabinet under the sink is open and water is spraying out…the hot water tie-in to the dish washer has popped loose from its quick disconnect.  Below the gushing water is the cut-off valve to the whole shebang…so I just waded in, reached under the sink and cut the water off (the hot water is only warm by this time, but I still get soaked as I’m cutting the water off).

After the water stops spewing, I repair the tie-in and open the water valve back up.
The next day, Neighbor Mom sent her oldest son (he was about 13 or 14) over to bring me a box of chocolates (Godiva, yum) to say thank you.  The kid had put on his cummerbund, top hat and cape to bring it to me (this is a teenage boy, mind you…not some 6 year old).  He bowed to me, kissed my hand and called me “m’lady”.  It was surreal.

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