Saturday, November 23, 2013

Coming home

We had a welcome home party last night for one of my nearest and dearest sweet, sweet Jacquie.  She is a doctor/surgeon and for the last year, she has been helping out in New Zealand.  I was at her farewell party last going away gift was a necklace with a compass on that she could find her way home.  Jacquie got to spend a year in a wonderful, beautiful country where she used her gift of compassion and her talents as a doctor to help others.  And then she came home.
Last night we had a wienie roast for of the only things that the bright, beautiful country of New Zealand did NOT have to offer was a good hot dog.  As we spent the evening welcoming her back...we ate, drank and were merry.

I was sitting out back just talking to another of the party-goers and I heard it...Jacquie's unrestrained laugher.  She was gathered 'round a fire with some of the other guests and she was laughing at something someone said.  I wasn't paying attention until I heard her laugh.  No one laughs like my Jacquie does.  It is full of joy and sunlight and love.  It sounds like coming home.  I am so glad she's back.

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  1. Well said Marianne! So glad you're back Jacquie!!