Wednesday, August 28, 2013


We ran out of the cheap-o, buy-in-bulk Meow Mix dry food this morning.  So tonight, I got down a can of the obscenely expensive Science Diet wet food that we had left over from when the kitten, Daisy, was having some really unfortunate intestinal issues.  All five of the cats (Five, I KNOW!) descended on me like a swarm of furry locusts as I doled the food out, shrieking at the top of their lungs because I wasn't moving fast enough.  Wet food is usually a rare treat around here (because it makes me gag to smell it).  I got the stinky ambrosia portioned out and put up on the table out of reach of the dogs who had homed in on the odoriferous fumes and were slobbering to get at it.  Then collectively, all of the cats turned their noses up at it.  Maxx glared at me like I was possibly a moron.  Kendall was so disgusted she went back upstairs.
Everyone looked at me questionably and then Pluto, our slightly retarded cat decided to give it a try and proceeded to inhale everyone else's portion while they continued to beg for their beloved Meow Mix.  He was eating so ravenously that he will probably vomit it all back up in a steaming pile here shortly.  Possibly on my pillow, if he can't find a pile of clean clothes.

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