Monday, August 26, 2013

Pretty bra phenomenon

"Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it."  I get that.  But what about those of us who DO know the history, but still repeat it?  A few months ago, I wrote about this. And yet, when I got home...did I throw the offending garment away? No. No, I did not.  I asked the hubby to try to salvage it by poking the wire back in and sewing the hole where it had squirmed free.  (He does all the repair work.  I don't sew. Anything. Ever.  I can't. It's an affliction.)And then I put the bra in the back of the bra-drawer "just in case."

Today, I pulled it back out & wore it to work.  In large part, because I've been on a business trip for the past three weeks, a majority of my wardrobe is making its way through the laundry.  But also, because it was exactly the right color of hot pink to wear under the shirt I was wearing.

Then, around lunch, it happened...the underwire had worked its way past Jeff's diligent mending and started stabbing me in the armpit.  I went to the bathroom. I worked the wire back in. I went back to my desk.  I typed an email. Stab.  Went back to the bathroom, worked it back in, went back to my email. Stab. Stab. Stab.  Finally, around 2:00 I grabbed a pair of scissors and stalked back off to the ladies' room.  I get the danged thing off, widen the hole and pull the whole wire out.  Get re-dressed. Look in the mirror.  Am definitely, noticeably a-symmetrical. Crap.  Get the God-forsaken undergarment from Hell back off...cut a hole where the other wire is...try to nudge the wire out.  The wire doesn't budge. I poke and prod and smoosh material up and try to work the wire out.  No dice.  I snip some more material. Nope.  I briefly consider using my cell phone to text a coworker to bring me the pliers out of my desk...then realize that 1) There's only so many times I can ask Jennifer to smuggle me a tool in somewhere and I shouldn't waste one on this. 2) I will not be defeated by a freaking wire.  So, using the scissors much like a pair of pliers, I clamp down on the wire & leverage it and it slowly slides out.  And I didn't even stab myself. (with the scissors or the wire).  Huzzah! I am victorious.  I redress AGAIN and (though I am a little less perky than I was upon arrival, both my sides match) go back to my office and finish up my day.
I'm just appalled at myself for getting back into the EXACT same situation I was in just a few months ago.  How does this happen???  Well, I chalk it up to the "pretty bra phenomenon." It's happened to us all.  We have a bra that we cannot stand to wear for any appreciable amount of's scratchy, or it pops loose, or the straps slip off your shoulder, or it viciously stabs you in the arm pit with it's Satan death-wire.  But you don't throw it away.  And why???  Because it's pretty.  And maybe you paid $45 at Victoria's Secret. So you put it in the back of the drawer until you forget how it wronged you and you get the traitorous thing back out and try it again.  And here we are.

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