Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hair's lookin' at you

First, I apologize for the incredibly lame pun.  But when I started this post and named it..."Hair's lookin' at you"  popped into my head and then I couldn't think  of anything better.

"Splitting hairs?"
"My hairy situation?"

Anyway...this post is about my hair.

I don't want to brag, but I have always had great hair. Old, young, thin, overweight, whatever...I have had great hair.  It has been the one thing about myself I have never wanted to change.  My hair has always been thick and grown fast.  I have twice grown it out and donated whole 10" long ponytails to Locks of Love.

Even when I have been at my heaviest, my hair still looked good.  I have actually found myself looking at pictures of me over the last few years and thinking, "Hmmm...who's the fat chick with the awesome hair?"

Some examples:

Well, as I have recently posted (here), I have had the vertical gastric sleeve.  And it has been great.

I'm now down to my lowest weight in almost two decades. And I LOVE IT!

Some milestones:
Last year, when I said I was DETERMINED to lose weight through diet and daughter made me a little gift to encourage me:
She got these two glass vases, decorated them and filled the one on the left with one hundred flat little stone thingies...each stone represented a pound.  She made them all pretty and even made it so the one on the right has lines for every ten stones and we could "celebrate" every time I clicked off another 10 pounds.  It was supposed to make it like a fun game.

I hated that game.

Those stones went back and forth too many times to count.

Well...since I started this journey "for real," the "game" got a lot more fun.  This past weekend, the vases were even.  I almost cried.

50 pounds down, 50 to go. (actually, this morning it was 51 down and 49 to go)

Another milestone?  I got to shop in the "normal" section for clothes the other day.  I even had to put an XL shirt back and get an L.  When that happened, I actually did cry.

Everything is FANTASTIC!


My hair is thinning.  Like, seriously, Jeff has had to put two whole containers of Drano down the shower drain in the past week.  My hair brush looks like a small animal when I brush my hair in the mornings.  I have a lint roller in every room in the house.  I'm shedding more than my Golden Retriever.
I know in the big scheme of things, this should not be such a big deal.  I was told to be prepared for it...that it's the body's natural response to rapid weight loss (and hey, I'm all about the rapid). And the "thinning" (that's what the doctor calls it...I call it "the falling out") will eventually stop and then my hair growth will go back to normal and Hey! one day I will be thin and it will all be worth it.

But it's MY HAIR.  My faithful, faithful hair.

Thank the Good Lord I have a talented and wonderful beautician (shout out to Jennifer Neyman...John Christopher Salon, 1720 Hamric Drive Oxford).  I went in and we decided what to do to make the volume loss less noticeable.

She's practically a wizard.

So...I'm at my lowest weight in nearly two decades and my hair is at its shortest in nearly the same length of time.

But...I think I can live with it.  Of course, I don't have much choice at this point...

Hopefully I won't have to take up wearing hats!


  1. Your hair looks adorable! It is a great new cut to go with the great new you! Enjoy!

    1. I love the vase idea, except I would probably use M & M's. I do hate the up and down and sideways crap of weight loss. I too am doing exercise and diet, but I don't have fabulous hair like yours at stake. Bummer your hair bailed on you, but your new look is young and fresh.

    2. Thank you, Anon! Probably vases of M&Ms would be counterproductive.