Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I do not spend a lot of money on luggage.

I do travel a good bit, but it's usually on business and no one who knows me ever sees my bags.  All I care about is how much stuff I can get in it and how easily it rolls.
My current "go to" piece of luggage was purchased at Walmart about 10 years ago.  I like it because it has a pull handle and you can either roll it behind you, or you can roll it beside you...the wheels are "spinner" type wheels so they are multi-directional.  There's even a zippered expander for the main compartment.
I can get more stuff in this bag than I can afford for it to weigh. (Anything over 50 lbs will cost you more on most airlines).
I think I paid $48.95 for it.

Two weeks ago, I flew to Maryland on a business trip, and my luggage served me just fine.  Before I left, I had to get the lint roller and de-cat-hair the outside...because the cats LOVE my luggage. I got home from that trip and unpacked and then repacked to go stay with my mother for her knee surgery.

My mother says that my bag has to go.

She was hopped up on pain pills when I went down to the car and brought my bag up to the hospital room, and she was brutally honest with me.

Iz good to stand besides and sharpens your clawz

Iz also good to stand on top of and sharpens your clawz

On the other hand, you know how there's signs at the airport that tell you to look carefully before you take off with your luggage because lots of bags look alike? I don't have that problem.

Plus, no one is ever going to try to steal it.

She told me that my bag was an embarrassment and made me throw a blanket over it so the nurses wouldn't see.
I really had not taken a good hard look at it in awhile...because it was still functioning just fine.

But she may have a point.

I think my next luggage purchase will need to be a hard shell.


  1. Your luggage and my luggage could be best friends. hahaha.

  2. LMFAO.... I would have dropped the owner of those bags somewhere on the street, even if it was my own family member... Jesus, that's scary lol

    1. It's CLEAN! Just, you know...a little worn

  3. I immediately feel better about my own canvas luggage that is merely worn at the corners and all the pulls have broken off the zipper slides.

    But I would give that one to the kitties and get your own. I like Marshall's for affordable luggage.

    1. Oh, how I wish we had a Marshall's...closest thing to that is probably TJMaxx in my area...and that's where I will probably look.