Monday, June 2, 2014

Bad to the bone

The hubby has been job hunting since his project is winding down & I've been doing the occassional search to help him out.  Today I found this:

And I am left with some definite questions.

1. If you HAVE 2-3 years of Deboning Supervising experience, don't you already work there?  Because how else would you have this experience?

2. Why is it a "plus" to be bilingual?

3. Is there some high demand for Deboning Supervision that I have been unaware of until now? I mean look...the pay is around $45k/year with just a high school diploma AND there's a $250 referral bonus AND a relocation package AND a bonus program.  They sound absolutely desperate to have their poultry deboning supervised.

4. What does it take to supervise a deboning?  How do you know if you're doing it right?

5. I wonder what you smell like at the end of the day?

Of course, this job is no good for my husband.  He's got a real issue with chicken.  The only chicken he will eat (and then, he's not always happy about it) is boneless, skinless chicken.  And he can't see it or touch it or smell it raw.  If he accidentally wanders into the kitchen while I'm cutting up raw chicken...he just heads to the freezer for a Totino's pizza.  He can't eat it if he sees it being handled raw.

So, basically, this Chicken de-boner Supervisor position is the one they'd give him in Hell.  Even if the pay is good.and they're offering medical and dental.

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  1. Funnier about chicken than I used to be myself.

    It's those cartilage/tendon/whatever moments--when you get something in your mouth that won't chew up properly--that define my angst.