Friday, June 13, 2014

Odds and Ends

The last month or so has been a hectic mess.  That final run-up to the kiddo's graduation was just nuts, and I haven't had the time to devote to my blog like I like to.  That doesn't mean that weird stuff stopped happening around me...just that I haven't had the time to really sit down and write about it.

I have, however, had some things crop up that I'd snap a picture of thinking, "I'll get back to that some time."  Going through my camera roll on my phone today, I decided to just upload all of these little odds-and-ends-reminder pictures.

Here's the first two:

I don't know what the hell posses my cats sometimes.  We have lived in our current house almost 10 years.  Both of these cats pictured above have lived here the entire 10 years.  Suddenly, out of the blue, they decided to invade the cabinet of bags.  We use the plastic bags that you get at Walmart or Target or Winn Dixie as mini trash bags.  Because our cats are heathen beasts, they won't stay out of a normal trash can.  We hang a plastic bag on a chair or drawer knob where it cannot easily be defiled and take it out very, very frequently.  I realize that I have waaaaay too many of these bags stuff under the cabinet, but I promise you they eventually get used.
Anyway, back to the cats....for about a week, we'd come home to find the cabinet open and one or both of them (not the other three cats) in there.  Then it just stopped.


I saw this as I was going into a resturant in town.  My first thought? "Wow.  Are the Duggars in town?"  Then I noticed the license plate was'd think I'd have heard about a family of 15 (counting parents) in a town the size I live in...but maybe not.
My final thought on this picture "Can you GET 13 children into a Kia Sorento?" "Is that legal?" "Could the suspension even take it?"

This picture was actually taken on my last girls' trip to the beach:

Now, don't get me wrong...Rooster Cogburn is one of my all-time favorites...but putting a likeness (and signature!) of the Duke on your vehicle?  Why?  Who loves John Wayne that much?

Then there's this:

At first, all you notice is the loud shirt (which I actually kinda dig).  But then, then you see it:

My friend Annette and I have long been avid mullet watchers...and we try to document the increasingly rare mullet sightings.
This is the saddest little mullet I have ever seen. This poor fellow had all of nine hairs to braid together and form the mullet breed known as "the rat tail."  Props for the little curl on the end, though.

Back to my weird housecats:

What is it about cats and pineapples?  I am not the first person who has noticed the cat/pineapple phenomenon.  My question was going to be "Why do cats like pineapples?" but that question leaves some of the nuance out of the situation.  Closer would be "Why are cats so affectionate to pineapples?" but that sounds sort of dirty.  It's not like the cats are molesting the pineapple or anything gross.  They just go to whereever I leave a pineapple (on the table, on a counter, on the bakers rack) and sit beside it and smell it.  Occassionally they will rub their face on it...I just don't get it.

Moving on...

The other day, I went into a gas station restroom and saw this:

I have no idea what the story is here.  Probably, I don't want to know.

Finally, last set.  I think only in a Winn Dixie parking lot will you see:

Wait, look closer:

So, here's another use for Winn Dixie bags besides trash bags or cat bedding.

My memaw would do this sometimes if she got caught out and she'd just had her hair "done" for the week and had somehow forgotten the little plastic rain bonnet that she USUALLY had in her purse.  And frankly, you're gonna need your coiffe lookin' good if you are going to somehow pull off the denium pleated-jumper look.

So, whew!  Now I feel kind of caught up.

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