Friday, May 2, 2014

Hold my beer...

Coming home from the beach this past Sunday, we were traveling along at a nice little clip..."B" was driving, Annette had called shotgun...Jenn and I are in the backseat.  We had just spent 3 of the most glorious days imaginable on the sugar sands of the Redneck Riveria (also known as Panama City Beach).   We were cruisin' along at about 55-60 mph up Hwy 231...when up ahead we see:

Me (from the backseat):  Hey, guys? Is that....???? NO!

Annette (looking up from her magazine): Oh. My. God!  Get closer, B!!  Get closer!!

Jenn: You have GOT to be kidding me!  This is like a safety message happening right in front of us!  Come on, B!  Get closer!

And so she did:


No, you're not's exactly what it looks like:

We followed them for a good 5 miles (at 55-60 mph) before they finally slowed down and turned off.
"Bubba" (I assume) slid a a better footing...steadied himself and stuck his right arm straight out to signal their turn.

I'd bet real money that this escapade started out with a converstation very close to this:

Bubba's buddy: Hey, I gotta get little TammySue's moved over there to her mommanthem's this afternoon.  I borrowed Jethro's trailer, but ain't got nothin to tie 'er down with.

Bubba: Hold my beer.  I got this.

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