Thursday, March 12, 2015

I helps

So, to begin…I need to introduce you to the participants.

This is Maxx:

(My middle name is smuggy, smug-britches)

…and this is Simba:

(Don't judge my slobber)
And this is what took place yesterday:

Hey, Simba, want to play a new game?

I love new games!

This one is called, “Help Momma with the mail!”

I love my Momma! I would love to help her.

Well, then, what you do is…you take this mail and open it for her…here let me push this piece of mail off the table for you.

Don’t I need thumbs to help Momma with stuff like the mail?

Nah! Thumbs are over rated. You don’t need thumbs to make someone your…I mean, to use tools. Or you know, just use the tools you’ve got.

Do you think Momma will be excited???

Oh, I’m sure she’ll be very excited

So I came home and found this:

Look Momma! I helpted!

This was a letter and a book plate from Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) that she sent in support of my group (The Funkalicious Alabama Kudzu Queens) hosting a fund raising event benefitting the League of Animal Welfare and the Cheaha Regional Human Society.  Ms. Lawson herself didn't actually do the sending...her assistant, the lovely and talented Mary did.  The glitter she included in the envelope was a very nice touch, BTW. I have no idea where she founnd such delightful, insidious glitter. Not even the Dyson can get it all. Simba is basically shitting magic poo now.


  1. OH NO...What a thing to chew up. :(

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I know! I sent Mary an email groveling and sniveling and begging for another book plate

  2. Can't blame them for trying to be helpful ha!