Friday, January 30, 2015

Sibling rivalry

Christmas 2014
The day started on a harmonious note:
Okay, I both love and hate this picture.  I love it because, well, matching PJs!  On the animals, even!  However, it is not the most flattering picture I've ever taken.  Also?  Kendall, the cat in my lap (did you know there was a cat in my lap?) is making my shape look a whole lot weirder than it normally is.  Do I need to lose a few pounds? Yes?  But my abdomen isn't DEFORMED, yall.)

No really, everyone was pretty much diggin' their duds.  Some of the cats more than others.  Maxx (the gray I'm holding) always likes dressing up.  It makes him feel pretty.  Izby (in the Daughter's lap) didn't mind was a cold morning & he's cold natured.  Kendall, the one who's melded into my lap, hated her PJs.  She slunk around like she was partially paralyzed/had a broken spine until we took hers off.
Anywho, after we posed for our Christmas picture, we opened our gifts to one another and had our Christmas brunch.  All felt good and right with the world.
That lasted about an hour, and then this:
I don't know if the battle raged because of the box itself, because Daisy was jealous that Izby still had on his PJs, or if it was just that time of day when, as a cat, you try to rip your brother's head off.  Glad I was able to catch it on video.


  1. Your video cracks me up... I love how, at the end, Maxx looks in the box, then walks away. Almost like.."Eh, there's nothing to see here".

    1. Our animals are an endless source of entertainment around here.