Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Down the drain

Hi guys!  Yes, it has been awhile since I posted...
But that is because I have been on the most awesome vacation of all time.
My mother, who as of this moment is my very favorite Mom I ever had, took us (just us...no spouse, no child) on a cruise through the Mediterranean.  We were gone 10 whole days and were in 3 different countries.  We saw lots of stuff and had a chance to do some serious bonding.  Also?  I now have to find a way to finance my retirement in the French Riviera.
I am planning to write about this trip soon.  Right now?  I'm still in the throes of some serious jet lag.  I'm having a hard time stringing two sentences together and make any sense.
I also flushed one of my earrings down the toilet this afternoon:
See how the latch thingy is?  Well, the one on the other earring was a little worn.  I went to the bathroom and when I stood up and flipped the flusher gizmo, my earring fell out and Whoosh!  was gone.
I wish I could say that this was the first piece of jewelry I've lost to the porcelain god, but sadly, that is not the case.  (of course it's not...we're talking me here) A few years ago while trying desperately to get to New Orleans, I had a bracelet come off just as I was sitting down...but as I jumped up and spun around, the motion-sensor automatic flusher-mabob activated and Whoosh! there went my cute little silver bracelet.
Um...there should be some clever way for me to wrap this post up, but my body thinks that it's almost three in the morning right now and nothing's coming to me.
I'll have a more coherent post soon, I promise. 


  1. I am so looking forward to reading about your trip!

  2. Your trip sounds like it was wonderful! :-D
    I flushed a pair of swimming goggles once, if that makes you feel better. It doesn't? Oh. :-(
    This is my first visit to your blog, but I'll be following from now on!

    1. Thank you so much! The trip was awesome. I've posted my account of day one.