Saturday, March 22, 2014

This n' That

THIS is a broken Waterford water goblet, pattern: Maeve.  The pattern is retired because OF COURSE IT IS.

THAT (below) is Maxx, the prime suspect in the misconduct that lead to the breaking of the water goblet. 


THIS is Maxx checking the calendar, apparently to see when the shipment was made.

THAT (below) is the $99.95 replacement goblet from

And THIS is where my crystal has lived for the last 24 years without mishap...

The current theory is that a moth or some other kind of bug got in...and in an attempt to protect his family from whatever vile disease or toxin the insect was certainly equipped to deliver, Maxx scaled the china hutch to reach his enemy.
And now he knows he can. So he does...ever vigilant, he checks the ceiling above the hutch ever so often.
Now I need a place to move it out of potential harms way.  And THAT is what I am about to go do.

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