Thursday, July 11, 2013

Needle in a Haystack.

Behold the perfect shoe:

At least, according to the 17-year old living in my house.  She bought these shoes at Target about two years ago for about $15.  And she LURVED them.  Her friends also lurved them.  If the kiddo wasn't wearing them, one of her friends was borrowing them.  The whole pack of girls initiated "Wedge Wednesday" based on these shoes.  Then about a year ago...during the middle of the Quaterback Club fundraising banquet, the unthinkable happened.  The cheerleaders were working as servers for this they were all dressed up in nice dresses and heels...the kiddo wearing her most favorite pair of wedges in all the land...and they broke.
Now folks, there is nothing about this shoe that belongs in nature...every scrap of material is some type of synthetic something.  There's no fixing these things...and believe me, we have tried.
Since this tragic loss, we have been looking high and low for something to replace them.  My daughter refuses to let me throw them out even though we both know that they can't be repaired (yes, I took a $15 pair of Target's finest Mossimos to a cobbler at one point and was told there was nothing to be done).  She keeps them, I think, to remind herself exactly what they looked like.  And every now and then, one of us will undertake an online search to see if there's anything comparable out there.
I was home today with some kind of minor stomach-ick...and while piddling around the house, straightening things, I spied the-most-perfect-wedges-in-creation in the kiddo's shoe rack.  I hooked the pair through my fingers, skipped downstairs, plopped myself in front of the computer and started scouring the world-wide-web for something like them.  Nada.  So I thought I'd check out eBay and see if maybe someone had a pair of the actual shoes (size 7) out there used.  Typing in "Brown Wedge Sandal size 7" produced 1597 results.  I start gamely going through them and find this:
Which are A) Butt-ugly; B) NOT sandals; and C) Vintage???
Really? Vintage 90s???
What the hell, people?  Since when are the 90s vintage?  I know that I have certainly tried to avoid the whole hipster movement in its entirety, but I have still been aware of it around me.  Has this trend of shopping at Thrift stores to look all original and shit led to folks believing that the 90s are that far back in the recesses of time?  Really?
Gah.  I feel old.  Also? Unproductive.  I have still not found the appropriate replacement wedges.  Anyone have any ideas where to look? (I've tried amazon, zappos, shoebuy and of course, eBay). 

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