Friday, January 11, 2013

Arrgh!! Siri, you beee-yotch!

Above is an exchange I tried to have with my daughter this week.

One of the ladies at my office called to let me know she had left early to go to her son's school because she heard there was a riot.  The school (Saks) is local, but not my daughter's school.

When I left work a half an hour later, I decided to check up on the issue.  Teenagers know EVERYTHING that is going on locally...they would certainly have the skinny on anything as exciting as a bunch of rioting students.  I was using Siri instead of texting because I'm RESPONSIBLE and you're not supposed to text and drive.

“Siri” does not get my southern accent AT ALL. Siri interpreted riot as “ride.” When I tried to send a text to correct the text, and carefull ennunciated (I thought) I got “Wyatt.” Then when my daughter said “Huh?” and I tried to just spell it out and Siri came up with “Rolyat” and I don’t even know what that word MEANS.  Also, this time around, Siri thought "Saks" was "fax."

Update: Urban dictionary has this definition for Rolyat: Noun. A situation in which a being (male or female, most commonly a mammal) engages in sexual activity with an entire football team simultaneously.


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