Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Short, but horrible

Once upon a time, the world was new and the words "chemise" and "mossy oak" existed far, far away from one another.  Sadly, that age of innocence and purity has passed.  Now we have this unholy union:

What the hell, people?  Is there really a market for camo lingerie?  WHY?  I don't even get it.


  1. It's one woman's attempt to keep her man's eyes on her and not a buck. I just hope she isn't out in a tree stand in that thing haha.

  2. But she's in CAMO!! Wouldn't that mean she's hard to see? Plus, I can't help it when I look at this...I have to wonder if she's gone all out with the camo theme & doused herself with doe pee.