Thursday, September 20, 2012

Attention to detail

Here's the inspirational quote today in my Franklin DayPlanner:

What went through my head when I flipped over to today & saw the quote?

"Hmmmm, how about that? I never knew Ludacris was so deep."

It was SEVERAL minutes later that my brain tossed up, "Wait. Franklin-Covey is quoting the artist who gave us "Chicken and Beer?""  Then I took a closer look and saw that the quote was from LUCRETIUS.  That Franklin-Covey would quote a first century Roman philosopher seems a little more in line with their MO.

(To be fair to Luda, he was featured in my February Food & Wine magazine-apparently, he has a freaking AWESOME Singaporean resturant in Atlanta-so he IS more refined and cultured than perhaps his album entitled "Word of Mouf" might suggest.)

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