Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What's worse than a Sharknado?

My daughter is visiting from Tuscaloosa this week.  Her classes are finished and her summer job hasn't started yet. She came (with her cat and dog) to see me for Mother's Day and decided to spend a few days with us.
(Granddog: Sophi, Grandkitten: Nala. Not pictured: Nala's Megacolon)

Yesterday morning I gave my grand kitten her medicine that she has to take for her Megacolon.  Megacolon is a real-live honest digestive problem and not a SyFy made-for-TV movie starring Brooke Hogan and Eric Roberts (MEGACOLON VS. SHARKTOPUS!)   It takes many, many American dollars to diagnose and then further treat Megacolon.  Nala (my grand cat) has had megacolon for about a year. If Nala doesn't get her medicine, she ends up constipated and has to be given an enema. Or three. This does not make ANYONE happy. 
Have you ever had to give a cat a bath?? Now imagine giving one an enema.

So anyway, it's in everyone's best interest to keep the mail moving (if you get my drift) and give her the regularly scheduled dosage of cisapride, her "motility" medicine. It's a liquid that she takes surprisingly well (much easier than an enema for sure).  It does, however, produce toxic poop that should probably be reported to the Department of Homeland security so that it never, ever falls into the hands of America's enemies.  Still better than giving a cat an enema.

Unfortunately, after giving her the medicine, I didn't get the cap back on good and one of my heathens knocked it over, spilling all of it.  All $65 of it, to be exact.  And there I was, knowing that I was dealing with an extremely time-sensitive situation with potentially dire, dire consequences.
We got in touch with the vet that I use here in town, and while they did not have any cisapride on hand, they put me in touch with a compounding pharmacy that not only whipped up a batch of colon-cleansing miracle drug, they asked if Nala preferred bacon, beef or chicken flavoring.
So...thank you, thank you, thank you to Cheaha Animal Hospital and to Cheaha Compounding Pharmacy for helping to prevent a (literal) shit-storm.

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