Friday, October 16, 2015

My Friday Off

It started well enough.
Slept in 'til about 7:30, made a cup of coffee, went out onto the back porch with Simba to enjoy the crisp October morning.

Then I check my phone while I'm enjoying my morning java and see the text from Jeff that he sent to me.  He'd had to work today, and so was up early and fed the animals.  He also had to deal with cleaning up cat scat.  For the past few weeks, we'd been having some inappropriate bathroom (or lack thereof) behavior out of our oldest cat, Kendall.
Also...while she has never been the most petite flower in the garden, she had seemed to put on some pretty significant weight lately.
I gathered up my relaxing, coffee drinking paraphernalia and went inside to gather up the cat to take her to the vet.
I went in to the vet's office really thinking that he would tell me that she had abdominal tumors. They are common in cats her age (13), particularly tabbies.
Well, 3 1/2 hours later, a significant loss of hair by Kendall:

Yes, I wore yoga pants to the vet's office.  Turn me in to What Not to Wear...anything Clinton and Stacy would've put me in would have just been covered in cat hair too.

And a significant DECREASE in my bank account:

and the verdict came back...Urinary Tract Infection.
The vet WAS pretty certain that something was up with how large her girth was.  He sonogrammed for tumors and/or fluid, he even did a abdominal tap with a diagnoses was TFA (The Fat Ass).
He gave me a prescription antibiotic ($56.44) and told me to keep her isolated with her own litter box until things were better.  He also suggested that I monitor her caloric intake while she was not eating with the collective. (To counteract TFA).
Since Mileena is away at college (probably won't be home until Thanksgiving) I decided to sequester Kendall in her bathroom.
For the past hour Kendall has been loudly singing the song of her people in protest of her incarceration.
The others have set up a vigil to show their solidarity in the face of this injustice.

I'm out $300 and the larger part of my "day off".


  1. For a moment, I swear your were wearing a sweater in the third picture!

    1. I could have knitted one with the hair on my clothes. Except I can't knit. And also? A cat hair sweater? No one wants that.

  2. Oh, thank you for the laugh (not laughing about your bank account...that is seriously sucky). I had a cat who was diagnosed with TFA too. She was very grumpy when we had to implement a "life style change". She would sing the song of her people at 4am, just to make a point. Ah, the fond memories!

    1. haha! Yeah...the hubs and I spent last night playing the game "What would we have rather spent $300 on?"